TEDxZuriberg 2018
Urgent need to humanize data
Claire Melamed
Some people are not counted. They don't show up in global statistics because no data is collected about them. Dr Claire Melamed leads projects to collect valuable data from often off-grid regions around the globe with the incentive for this data to be used as an aid for humanitarian care.

Dr Claire Melamed is the CEO of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, heading up a global team based in five countries. She was previously Managing Director of the Overseas Development Institute, and in 2014, she worked in the office of the UN Secretary General, writing the report of the Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution, "A World That Counts". Claire is based in London, has worked for a number of international NGOs and taught at the University of London and the Open University. Dr. Melamed has a PhD from the University of London, and can be found on Twitter at @clairemelamed.