TEDxZuriberg 2018
I'm not a stereotype. I'm that Jew.
Eitan Chitayat
In this deeply personal and inspirational talk, Creative Director Eitan Chitayat describes why he felt compelled to create "I'm that Jew" a 6-minute stereotype-defying tour de force in response to the 2015 Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket attacks in Paris. Upon its release, the video instantly went viral. Millions of all faiths around the world were touched by this profound yet simple reminder that we should all be able to celebrate the truth and beauty of our identity – without fear, without shame, and without apology.

Eitan Chitayat is the founder and Creative Director of the global Natie Branding Agency. He is an award-winning brand-builder who's lived in Hong-Kong, London, New York and Boston and has been delivering advertising campaigns and brand identities for 20 years for the likes of Google, Apple, YouTube, Target, ELMA Art Complex Luxury Hotel and Facebook. His viral video, "I'm that Jew" is the subject of his talk.