TEDxZuriberg 2018
The space within and above our cities
Gary Tynan
In this talk, Gary shows us how a city can expand to house more people without expanding the city area. He does this by looking at how the total available space can be used more efficiently using smart architectural decisions that sometimes influence the design of multiple buildings and spaces simultaneously.

Gary Tynan is an architect and the founding director of Studio 304 in London. The studio has a global reputation for innovative urban design. In 2017 their Sunken Bath Project was named 'London's Best House Extension' at the London Don't Move Improve Awards. Gary received his degree from the Edinburgh College of Art, is registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects and has worked at high-profile architecture studios in New York, Barcelona and London. Gary is passionate about urban, residential design and the challenge to provide higher quality living spaces in our modern cities.