TEDxZuriberg 2018
The next right thing for refugees
Laura Jansen
Laura Jansen found out that there is often much to improve when it comes to how refugee camps are run. Together with some of her friends, she decided to work to improve the conditions of the refugees. She built on her experience in organising music festivals. In this talk Laura shares her experiences and how her organisation has helped to improve the living situation of refugees.

Laura Jansen is an award winning Dutch/American singer songwriter. Her own music has taken her around the world and she has collaborated with artists such as Armin van Buuren, Keane, Snowpatrol and many others. Her life took a remarkable turn when she was confronted with the current migration crisis in her hometown of Amsterdam. Compelled to act she became part of a team of concerned citizens caring for arriving refugees at the train station at night. Upon visiting the island of Lesvos, Greece at the height of the crisis, she co-founded Movement on the Ground, an NGO that has since been active full time in the refugee camps providing humanitarian support of all kinds. Laura lived on Lesvos for 2.5 years, creating programs and implementing projects to support the needs of the refugee population. She now combines music and advocacy by using her public platform to engage her audience in debate and action.

twitter: laurajansen