TEDxZuriberg 2018
Next generation drones that Pitch, Roll and Yaw in place
Roland Siegwart
Roland Siegwart has been at the forefront of drone development since the first advancements in the field. In this talk he demonstrates impressive capabilities of the latest generation of drones developed by his team at the ETH Zurich. The drones' capability to pitch, yaw and roll – allowing it to fly or hover in any rotation – makes it suitable to be used for new applications.

Roland Siegwart is professor for autonomous mobile robots at ETH Zurich, founding co-director of the Wyss Zurich and member of the board of directors of multiple high tech companies. He studied mechanical engineering at ETH, spent ten years as professor at EPFL Lausanne, held visiting positions at Stanford University and NASA Ames and was vice president of ETH Zurich. He is co-founder of half a dozen spin-off companies and a strong promoter of innovation and entrepreneurship in Switzerland.