TEDxZuriberg 2018
The last wild food
Thomas Egli
Thomas Egli talks about our last wild food: seafood. He proves that we are all hunters – even as urban hunter in the supermarket our choice of food can make a huge impact. He explains how seafood is currently caught and how the seafood supply chain works. He tells us about sustainable and unsustainable practices and explains how we can use our influence as consumers to promote sustainable practices.

Straddling the precarious position between science and education, Thomas Egli has aimed to share his passion for marine biology with nerds and city- dwellers alike. With a childhood in Calgary and roots in Switzerland, he somehow managed to nurture a love affair with the ocean. Counting sea cucumbers in Canada, tagging sea turtles in Costa Rica, chasing dolphins in New Zealand, and canning tuna in the Maldives are all on his resume. Thomas is a veteran trip leader for National Geographic Expeditions and has led adventure tours to five continents. After a career spanning 15 years as an environmental interpreter, commercial scuba diver, dancer, and educator, Thomas aimed for new challenges at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Armed with a master's degree in Environmental Science, he now develops and manages small-scale fishery improvement projects in developing countries with Blueyou Consulting in Zürich.