TEDxZuriberg 2018
There is no difference
Willemijn Kappers
With her Art photography project "There is no difference", Willemijn Kappers shows that the differences between refugees and non-refugees disappear when you look at them without knowing their background. She reminds us to look for similarities instead of being afraid of differences. She talks about what motivated her to start this project and what lasting effects it had on her and the people she photographed.

Willemijn Kappers lives in the Netherlands. Since finishing her Masters degree she has been working in finance, in the financial district of Amsterdam. Ten years ago, Willemijn started learning to be a photographer. Her subjects are only portraits, and only people. That is where Willemijn's heart is, with the people. She created several series of photos, e.g. "Liberty" and "There is no Difference". Her series are very well received by the public.